The Use of Pawns as a Key Tactic in Chess

Although pawns may have very little value compared with the other higher ranked pieces in chess, they can be vital parts of any player's tactics and strategies. The significance of this deceptive chess piece transcends its basic role as primary coverage for the higher valued pieces. Its lack of serious value gives it the strength and efficacy to attack every other chess piece on the opponents' camp.

Chess players can use pawns to scare away the attacking knights and bishops that are strategically positioned by the other players at the center of the chess board. These low valued pieces can also do the same to the rooks and queens that are trying to penetrate the defense put up by the players. Good players of the game can always use pawns towards their very own advantage.

With enough support from the other remaining chess pieces, using one pawn can inflict further damage to the opposing players. At the same time, the use of such low ranked pieces can undermine even the strongest defense which may be put up by all those serious chess opponents. Strong pieces such as queens and rooks have no match even against a single well supported pawn.

The very fact that pawns can be used by any chess player as a key tactic in the game contributes to its general value and significance. These pieces are probably the most underrated tools in the game of chess. Capitalizing on the low value of such vital pieces is probably the best thing that all players can do to make the most out of their pawns.

Some good and well experienced chess players even use these pawns to test the waters. The opposing chess players may always come in hand with some of the most potent chess strategies and tactics. The nonchalant execution of these things can be unveiled much earlier with the use of pawns. It is very much possible for the opponents to execute their game plans right away even with just a single move of a pawn. This can help players adjust to the undeniably potent attack that are being made on them.

While pawns may be weak individually, they can be as strong and as tough as the other chess pieces when they are interconnected with one another. By arranging them in a straight diagonal sequence, they can be very hard to capture and dismantle. Furthermore, some players use pawns as crucial parts of their lethal attack on their opponents' camps. By practicing more, the players can learn all the different important uses of pawns in the highly intellectual board game like chess.

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